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Project phase

Survey of current contract management processes and archiving methods

During the early phase of the project organisation may execute a survey of its current contract management processes and archiving methods. The survey is based on a general questionnaire prepared by Contractia. The survey will focus on management and personnel who work daily with contracts. Answers and the analysed outcome of the survey will give valuable information how to develop contract management, processes and working methods in the future.

Procurement of contract management system

What kind of contract management systems are available?
What would be the best choice for our organisation?

Contractia is an expert on contract management systems available on the market. Contractia offers procurement consultancy service for organisations and helps them to compare and estimate different solutions and function available in different systems available. During the procurement phase Contractia works closely with the customer and especially with its IT experts. Contractia has good network with different contract management system providers so it can provide up-to-date information to its clients related to reliable suppliers and effective systems.

Project management services

Get project management services from a skilful expert and you can concentrate on your everyday work!

Working as corporate lawyer or as manager of administration is demanding and there is always lack of staff resources and time. Development of new processes and planning and implementing a new system may also be outsourced to Contractia. This way you can focus on your everyday work and responsibilities and participate in the project during workshop sessions. Project time schedule and workshop meetings will be set according to project targets and to suit organisation goals.

Contractia has been a project leader in many successful projects. Ask for customer references info[at]

Design of information models

Contract categories, contract map, contract meta information card, secure user rights profiles – let Contractia set all the details in place.

Contractia provides to its customers planning services related to system information models. Contractia will lead planning workshops with customer’s project group. Workshops include documentation and preparation of the workshop session. Contractia guides the customer to create information models that suit their company specific needs.

Workshops include e.g. the following topics:

  • Contract categories
  • Contract meta information card (what information is entered in the system)
  • User rights levels and user rights profiles
  • Alarms and notifications
  • Reports