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Implementation phase

Technical implementation

Contractia manages the instructions and supervision during the implementation phase in co-operation with IT department and the selected system provider. You can focus on your own work.

When the organisation has purchased a contract management system, Contractia provides services during the technical implementation phase and supervises that information models and processes are implemented according to plans and company specific needs. Contractia works closely in co-operation with the system provider during this project period.

Training services

Contractia has trained hundreds of new contract management system users.

The truth is that purchase of contract management system licenses and technical implementation are just a part of the project. Licenses itself do not enter contracts in the system. Users need to be trained and motivated to use the new system and start using it as a helping tool with daily contract management tasks.

Contractia provides training services according to customer needs. Training sessions are tailored to the group and their roles and responsibilities with contract management tasks. Training services include customer specific training material and comprehensive manuals. Training sessions and material are available in English and Finnish. Translation to other languages is on customer’s responsibility. Training sessions can be arranged in groups or in individual one-to-one training sessions.

Contractia is an experienced trainer. During the two operating years, Contractia has trained hundreds of new users in several organisations.

Maintenance and support services

Support during the roll out phase and when the system is implemented in other operating countries.

The advice is to roll out new working methods and system implementation gradually in other operating countries, subsidiaries and business units. Contractia works in co-operation with the customer during the system implementation in different parts of the organisation, in Finland and in other countries.