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Contracts under control?

How are you managing contracts in your company?
Are you planning to develop your current and traditional contract management archiving to more effective electronic contract management?

Electronic contract management and archiving is for today and for the future. Make your contract management more effective and provide modern tools for business and administration purposes. This way you can develop contract processes and permanent archiving methods in your organisation.

Contractia provides services for companies and other enterprises, who wish to improve their business with electronic contract management. Contractia works with management, administration, finance and legal departments and support projects related to contract management.

Electronic contract management brings cost effectiveness, benefits in customer service, and helps organisations with risk management. Contractia will help you to find the right solution for your effective contract management. Please, contact us!

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National entrepreneurship award was granted to Contractia Ltd’s Marita Willman

The Association of Finnish Lawyers has granted the National Entrepreneurship Award to Contractia Ltd’s owner-entrepreneur LL.M. Marita Willman. The award was given during the Lawyer Day Event at the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on September 30th 2011. The award was given to a woman for the first time in the history of the award.
> Contractia Ltd's Press Release (pdf).