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Contract administration

Amount of contracts

Are you aware, how many valid agreements does your company have at the moment? Where are the original signed agreements located?

Major global corporation, which has several business units, has thousands of contracts in several languages scattered around in hundreds of locations all around the world. Medium size businesses have generally several thousand agreements, and small and medium size companies several hundred agreement documents.

Making contract management more effective

Are you still implementing old fashioned contract management processes and working methods?

The truth is contracts are managed poorly and in old fashioned way in organisations. It has been said, that contract management is where finance was 30 years ago.

Have you sometimes had a significant agreement missing?
Do you know who are responsible for archiving contractual agreements in your organisation and when the agreement is needed, where it can be found?

The major stumbling block with traditional contract management is missing contract documents, insufficient filing or absence of the final signed contract version. Organisations tend to loose agreements or the document is missing from its file. Organisations spend a lot of time trying to find documents or there are bottlenecks in attaining the contract information. Missing contract documentation causes companies to loose income, add expense and make customer service less effective.

With electronic contract management system organisation can provide better and more equal service to different office locations, also in other countries. With a couple of mouse clicks and IT-connection to company network contract can be viewed with your own PC.

Contractia will help you to find solution for effective contract management. Read more on Services.